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The importance of a perfect install.

At Automated Habitat we use only the very best of engineers for our installs. But why does this matter?

Poor installation of any material or product, never mind what it is, will lead to issues down the line. This coupled with the fact that technology can be temperamental, will only lead to disaster and a system that is frustrating and sometimes impossible to use. This is why we put such an importance on striving for perfection on every install.

Using the best engineers, with vast experience and extensive training, we can produce amazing results with bomb proof reliability. This is so important for those days where you arrive home after a long day and just want to sit and relax. When you want to turn your lights to a relaxing scene, or when you pick up your remote control to play your favourite album, they respond all exactly how you want them to, and in perfect harmony.

For those times that there is an issue, as they do happen, a perfectly installed and extensively documented system is very easy for us to service both on site, and remotely. This means that your system will only ever be down for the absolute minimum time possible.

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