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Who We Are

Passionate about Technology and Design.

Founded in 2009, our incredible team of engineers, programmers and designers have worked tirelessly to provide the very best automation and audio/visual solutions to our clients.

Unlike many integrators who are profit margin and dealer incentive led, we are fully client and design led. We use a carefully selected range of world class brands which are chosen to best suit our clients needs, not our own.

We boast being able to offer complete whole home automation and integration. We have the ability to put your media, lighting, shading, heating, ventilation and security all at your fingertips and working together in harmony.

We boast having some of the best engineers in the industry that deliver the perfect install and finish every time.

Customer service is at the centre of our business and you can depend on us to always be there to support you and your system when needed through our different maintenance contracts.

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