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Our Process

How we create your dream solution.

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Discovering your wants and needs.

It all starts with a meeting. We're happy to meet with you either at the Liverpool Office, our dedicated showroom in Manchester City Centre, your home or a place of your choosing. The purpose for this initial consultation is to get to know you and any plans for your upcoming project. The meeting also gives you an opportunity to get to know us: we want you to see first-hand the amazing solutions that we offer, and how we can work with you to make your dream a reality.

From this consultation, we can begin to build a bespoke proposal for a system that seamlessly fits into and enhances your unique lifestyle. 

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Perfectly planned. Bespoke to you.

Once you're completely happy with our proposal, we will then work alongside your architect and interior designer, if you're using one, to produce an in-depth design package. We will then create a system that meets your requirements, complements your interior design and remains within your budget.

This design package streamlines the entire installation process. For example, the plans would show on-site electricians exactly which cables need to be installed where; they would also provide your architect and interior designer with the necessary information and dimensions so they can make provisions to accommodate our equipment.

The plans also highlight any potential issues early on. This will allow for issues to be rectified prior to the building stage, minimising any unexpected costs and delays.

Once the project is completed, you will receive a fully binded copy of these plans to accompany your house documentation. This can help to add value to your home in the event of resale, and can also help with any system maintenance and/or upgrades in the future.

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Off-site Build

Perfectly engineered off-site.

Once you have signed off our plans and are ready to proceed with the project, we will build and test your system offsite in our purpose-built workshop. This is advantageous because we will reduce the time we spend on site, therefore minimising disruption to you and your family. Another advantage of this approach is that our engineers can achieve a much higher standard of installation, leading to a much more reliable system, faster maintenance and simpler upgrades down the line.

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On-site Installation

World class installation.

On completion of the off-site build and test phase, our exceptional engineers will install your dream system. The first step is to test and certify all cabling to ensure it is ready for our system. 
We will then aim to get your system up and running as quickly as possible, while maintaining our meticulously high standards and treating your home with the same respect as we do our own.

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Commissioning and Handover

Turning your dream system into a reality.

On completion of all physical installation works, we will finish any remaining commissioning that could not be done previously. This might involve calibrating your new home cinema sound system and projector image, setting up your favourite music subscription service or simply connecting your personal devices to your new seamless WiFi network.

We understand that you may not fully know exactly how you will choose to interact with your system until you are living with it each day. As a result, we will return to site after an agreed period of time in order to work alongside you: our goal is to tweak your new system so it perfectly fits with your lifestyle. This might involve something like your favourite radio station coming on in the morning as you prepare your morning coffee, or simply altering how your lights welcome you home at the end of a long day.

Whatever your needs, you can be confident that we will meet and surpass all of your expectations.

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There when you need us.

Although we hand pick our products for reliability and install our systems to the highest standards, we recognise that issues with technology can and do happen. What truly matters is that we are there to resolve these issues as and when they occur. All of our systems are remotely monitored, and more often than not we are notified of, and able to quickly resolve, any issues remotely before you are even aware of them. We will also provide the latest system updates in order to provide new features, additional reliability and enhanced security. We include this service free of charge for the first year of ownership. Going forward, we then offer different levels of support contract, which offer different levels of speed and amount of support.

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